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Death In Excess Demos [-complevel 9]

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On 3/12/2022 at 5:04 AM, Dan87 said:

Death in Excess

Map32 UV MAX in 37:02



Sorry about the super late report, but it seems like this demo was recorded with complevel 8 instead of 9, probably due to a typo.

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14 hours ago, blue cultist said:

Map 16 UV-Max in 1:35:50

Nice, I always wanted to see this done and have been asking for it for like a year but nobody has done it yet. Very great to see DiE get the max table filled, this was definitely one of the hardest serious, non-meme levels that hadn't been maxed yet. W + Antiratio + Relieved + Smiley + Laugh About It + Meggie

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