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Doom Builder Visual Mode Mouse Lock


So, I'm having an issue of keeping my mouse locked in Visual Mode, I run multiple monitors (3), but it escapes DB's visual mode. Currently using Ultimate Doom Builder.

This effects all versions of DB I have.
But unlike some previous asked of this question, it seems that it's a Windows issue, as I ran an optimizer that helped reduce unnecessary usage, but with in the optimization screwed with the Screen Locking for Doom Builder.


I use Kingsoft PC Doctor, and it's optimizer is what did it, and I undid the optimizations, but doesn't fix the grab. But it only happens on left and right, not upwards (where 3rd is), like some other games in fullscreen borderless window.

I have deleted the cfg file for it and did not work.
So instead of downloading a screen locking program, maybe someone knows so Windows magic that I've completely missed?

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Aight. So I have figured out the issue.

Windows Update. One of the Quality updates in 21H2 will break it.
I have reset my computer 3 times to figure this out, which sucks, but honestly no work was lost.

So if someone ends up having this issue later down the line, this maybe for you.


Reset in the Control Panel, keep files, it kept the 21H2 main update, but not the optional stuff, safe to download .net Framework for other stuff. Pause for however long, then go into Services and disable Windows Update.

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One method I know works but kind of drastic, is reinstalling windows from Reset, but keeping -most- of my files. But it's not exactly a "good" answer... :x

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I bet the main problem is because you used some sort of "pc doctor" and "optimisation". Most of these programs just make a mess in system, breaking many of already working mechanics. I fear complete reainstall is the only viable option, as you dont know what other parts has this "optimiser" broke...

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