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The Green Herring

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation Demos

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dwspd pages on DSDA - varying complevels, check existing pages and the relevant txts. Usually cl9 or cl2.


Here's a collection of max demos for the second speedmapping session I participated in. Includes two speed demos.

dwspd021-TGH.zip - UV max demos for Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #21 (dwspd021.wad)

  • dwspd021-01-218.lmp - MAP01 by Super Jamie in 2:18
  • dwspd021-02-408.lmp - MAP02 by Jodwin in 4:08
  • dwspd021-03-128.lmp - MAP03 by Hellbent in 1:28
  • dwspd021-04-042.lmp - MAP04 by The Green Herring in 0:42
  • dwspd021-05-314.lmp - MAP05 by Neon 3:14
  • dwspd021-06-412.lmp - MAP06 by ArmouredBlood in 4:12
  • dwspd021-07-158.lmp - MAP07 by Solarn in 1:58
  • dwspd021-08-409.lmp - MAP08 by Jodwin in 4:09


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Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #21 (dwspd021.wad)
NM speed demos of maps 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7.

MAP01 - 0:20(.00)
MAP03 - 0:36
MAP04 - 0:26
MAP05 - 1:43
MAP07 - 1:53

Didn't even try Jodwin's maps, but tried ArmouredBlood's map with savegames - however, I could't find a way how to handle the ending.

I am quite satisfied with MAP01 and MAP04 demos, they are both fraction of a second faster than TGH's UV speedruns (though I must admit that he put much less effort in his runs). MAP01 demo is also pacifist. More info in the textfile.


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Posted (edited)

Hello this is a thread for any demos for the Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation Wads.

It seems like most are Complevel 9 from what I have seen but I also saw some Ultimate doom ones so you should make sure what complevel they are...


Naming convention: dwsp1, dwsp2, dwsp3, etc.


Session 1


Map 01 UV-Max in 1:42.

Map 02 UV-Max in 1:22.

Map 03 UV-Max in 0:58.




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Posted (edited)

Session 3

Map E2M7 UV-Max in 0:57.

Map 01 UV-Max in 0:54.

Map 02 UV-Max in 0:45.

Map 03 UV-Max in 3:57.

Map 04 UV-Max in 0:16.

Map 05 UV-Max in 2:09.

Map 06 UV-Max in 1:02.

Map 07 UV-Max in 0:57.

Map 08 UV-Max in 2:03.

Map 08 UV-Pacifist in 0:26.











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Session 4

Map 06 UV-Max in 0:29.

Map 07 UV-Max in 0:53.

Map 08 UV-Max in 1:48.

Map 09 UV-Max in 0:26.

Map 09 UV-Pacifist in 0:19.

Map 10 UV-Max in 1:22.

Map 11 UV-Max in 0:45.

Map 12 UV-Max in 1:51.

Map 13 UV-Max in 0:05.

Map 14 UV-Max in 0:43.

Map 15 UV-Max in 0:40.

Map 16 UV-Max in 0:34.

Map 16 UV-Fast in 0:38.

Map 16 UV-Speed in 0:08.

Map 17 UV-Max in 2:00.
















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Session 5

These maps are suppose to be "co-op themed" so some of them are actually impossible unless you have two players. Others were probably suppose to be impossible in single player as well but you could still do the "co-op only" part in single player with quick movement. And then there is E1M8 which uh i think uses doom 2 textures so its not possible to play since i cant launch the map without texture errors... and the 2nd E1M8 in the set was co-op only. Oh also the map that is technically possible to max but would require non zerk punching 1 - 2 cybers which I'm not doing :p Anyway what a great speedmapping set. :) 


Map 01 UV-Max in 0:40.

Map 02 UV-Max in 5:01.

Map 05 UV-Max in 0:50.

Map 08 UV-Max in 4:42.

Map 09 UV-Max in 1:04.

Map 10 UV-Max in 2:14.

Map 11 UV-Max in 3:25.








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Session 6


MAP01 Nomo in 0:25 - dwspd601o-025.zip

MAP02 Nomo in 0:08 - dwspd602o-008.zip

MAP02 NM100s in 0:09 - dwspd602s-009.zip


Session 10


MAP01 UV-Max in 0:14 - dwspd1001m-014.zip

MAP01 Tyson in 0:24 - dwspd1001t-024.zip

MAP02 UV-Max in 0:34 - dwspd1002-034.zip

MAP02 Nomo in 0:06 - dwspd1002o-006.zip

MAP02 Pacifist in 0:07 - dwspd1002p-007.zip

MAP03 UV-Max in 0:11 - dwspd1003-011.zip

MAP03 Pacifist in 0:04 - dwspd1003p-004.zip

MAP03 Tyson in 0:21 - dwspd1003t-021.zip

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