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I'd love me some long demos - Know of any?

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Hi all! I'm still here, still watching runs, although I don't even recall the last time I posted anything... (Searches) Oh wow, 7 years ago almost to the day. Huh. So much has changed since then...


Anyway, I'm in the mood for some longer demos where possible; if you've got a 15-minute beat-em-up through especially to a 6-hour slaughterfest with kills in the 15k range (so to speak) and beyond, I'm up for watching it. Does anyone have any recommendations for some especially long plays they consider entertaining? I've been loving the skill shown in shorter runs as well, and across a huge variety of maps and WADs, but right now I just feel like some longform appreciation to mix it up a bit.


Suggestions appreciated! :)

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Posted (edited)

There's been a flurry of long demos submitted to DSDA in the past year or two, especially of the D2All variety. I think the longest is Arbys550's Sunder D2All UV Max in 6:40:47, but there's a bunch of others spanning multiple hours too, and new ones keep coming in with surprising frequency. There's more mentioned in the speedrunning writeup in the sidebar of the 2021 Cacowards, so I'm not going to repeat those, but they'll keep you busy for a while.

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If you really really REALLY like E2M4:



5 hours, 11 minutes c:

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I also like watching long demos. Well, more like using them as a background noise and paying attention only to interesting fights.

Let's see what I can suggest...

Alien Vendetta D2ALL by Ancalagon in 4:13:37: demoyoutube

Hell Revealed D2ALL by johnfrinky in 6:05:42: demoyoutube

Hell Revealed 2 D2ALL by NightTerror in 5:25:12: demoyoutube

Scythe D2ALL by Starduster in 2:04:29: demoyoutube

Scythe 2 D2ALL by Arbys550 in 3:37:17: demoyoutube

Sunder UV-MAX attempt (two monsters failed to teleport) by Arbys550 in 6:40:47: demoyoutubetwitch VOD with commentary

Back to Saturn X Episode 1 (2017 version) D2ALL by tchkb in 3:27:40: demoyoutube

Eviternity D2ALL attempt (misses 1 monster) by Nevanos in 5:54:07: demoyoutube

Sunlust D2ALL by Nevanos in 4:00:49: demoyoutube

Sunlust D2ALL by Daerik in 4:23:47: demoyoutubetwitch VOD with commentaryDaerik watches his own demo and does post-commentary

Valiant D2ALL by Daerik in 4:11:39: demoyoutube

Ancient Aliens D2ALL by Daerik in 4:00:53: demoyoutube

Stardate 20x6 D2ALL by Daerik in 1:55:21: demoyoutube

Going Down D2ALL by Daerik in 1:52:26: demoyoutube

Also, check out Zero Master's runs of the new Sunder maps, those maps are very long and two of them surpass 2 hours! New Sunder isn't finalized yet, so it's not on dsda, but you can find his demos in this thread, along with links to his youtube videos.

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Zero Master's Sunder MAP16 max

Zero Master's Sunder MAP19 max


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Since it hasn't been mentioned yet, check out JCD's Plutonia D2All NM100S (1:11:39): YouTube, demo

For more IWAD stuff, there are also relatively recent records for Doom II, Plutonia, and TNT D2All UV Max.

Check out Ancalagon's demos for Cosmogenesis.

I know there are plenty of obscenely long Tyson demos too, but I don't remember them off the top of my head.

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Here're some long demos, but I doubt they're gonna make it past entertaining criteria.

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Just finished watching the Sunlust D2All, loved it from start to finish. Can I just say WOW those levels are gorgeous!! What beautiful designs!


There is a fantastic collection of suggestions here, thank you very much everyone for highlighting these for me! Greatly appreciated.


I'm stuck at home with Covid (it's horrid) at the moment so these are going to be extra handy :)

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My d2all uv-max on 3 heures d'agonie 3, directly watchable on youtube.



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