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ZdoomGl or other GL source port online ?

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is it possible to play zdoomgl online ? how ?

I ve just heard about all these cool doom source ports and tried to
find internet deathmatch and coop games.
It works with zdaemon, but grapics are not as cool as in zdoomGL.

couldn't find servers to play with doomsday (jboom) or legacy
if someone could help

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I already tried it (doom connector 2)
it seems that it's not supported any more due to a hacking problem.
the author recommend to wait until "doom connector 3" release.

Is it already available ? I couldn't find any link on the website you
mentioned. I heard about a beta release but couldn't find it.

I also already tried dommserv, but the server list in the 1st window is empty, so it doesn't work...

How do people play Jdoom, doom-legacy, or ZdoomGl online ?
is the in game-joigning feature only available in zdaemon (which means without openGl support) ?

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