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Enough About the Thumb

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OK, so, Ebola bugged me yet again in IRC to update about his latest news at Unholy Software. What's new? Simply a demo of Nimrod's MAP01 being completed, made because, evidently, people have had problems with it. The demo was recorded in version 1.40 of Doom Legacy.

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One last desperate attempt to make people play my wad :p

On another note; Nimrods resources aren't bound by any editing feature unique to Legacy, except the levels. So if anyone would ever get the idea of making a addon map. The choice of sourceports is pretty open. I just tested it with Zdoom, and coudn't really find any bugs. (Yeah I know, noone ever make addons to addons, xept darkeningE2 and gothictx, although it might be col to see a zdoom nimrod map), just letting you all know.

and yes, I'm bored out of my mind.

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