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bah :) you're not forced to make them that bulky... let your creativity do the job...

I wont tell you that it's not a better feeling to shot at something that looks fat when it has thoughness... though lol ;).

its up to u. Anyway, I guess that the freedoom dev team can't refuse your works anyway, it lacks of resources.

I suggest we work both on this matter, make the models and render them in grayscale in every angles, i'll paint them after. This split the job, which is a good one.

Pretty sure we could acheive something wonderfull.

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gargoylol said:

aww bwut i wanted to redo the imp

Well, I can't really reserve the slot as it's filled anyway ;) If you manage to do something good then I won't spend my time replacing it, no worries.

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GodCells said:

Jon: Could you post one or two shots of those "alien gray style things"? I'd like to see if I could make a pixel job after you colored/resized them maybe (im not bad at pixel art)

I may upload the photos I've taken but since gargoloyl might do something on the imp, I'll focus on levels or something else.

Christmas is coming everyone! :)

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Tony: Ok i got your sprite... :) Thats nice pretty sure i can do a good job on it.

Jon : Ok... but that monster could be used for something else maybe?

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