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Suggestions for "Light Touch" mods akin to Final Doomer

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Hey all, long time no post! I have a question: Are there any other weapon mods that don't alter gameplay too drastically but still provide a new enough experience akin to Final Doomer? I don't know how to be more specific with that question, but the only starting example I can think of would be Weapons of Saturn, which I used to play Back to Saturn X Part 2 (I used the FD set for part 1). I'm basically looking for weapon mods that do like how Struggle or Heartland do it and provide different takes on most-to-all weapons, so as to offer a familiar-but-different experience that isn't too overpowered.


It's like, on the one hand, I've been viewing too much Dean of Doom lately and it's got me convinced that playing Doom vanilla the way it's meant to be is the best way to properly gauge a map's worth. But on the other, I also crave variety and I like playing with good weapon mods... and on the third hand, I realize most weapon mods make the player TOO powerful and/or alter the gameplay a bit too drastically, so I want to find out more mods that do things like how FD or WoS do it. I hope this babbling request makes sense, but I'd be interested to hear what anyone thinks.

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I recommend Legendoom. It's not strictly just a weapon mod, as it chooses monsters to beef up into "legendary" monsters (these are what drop the legendary weapons), but it should fit the bill as something that offers variety while also feeling familiar and easy to pick up, similar to Final Doomer.

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I could recommend anything that was made with Dehacked instead of ZDoom scripting, like Vesper for MBF21, D4V and Colander for the Eternity Engine.

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