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Remilia Scarlet

Better Projects

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Anyone ever have any projects/levels they were doing for Doom that were either released but you wished they had turned out a hell of alot better, or weren't released as you couldn't get them quite right at all?

I was just looking at the movie for the XBox port of that fighting game using Godzilloa monsters (Monster Melee, or something), and it reminded me of when I tried to do "Rage of Destruction" for Doom. I really had wished that turned out better than it did. Unfourtunitly, I couldn't get the scripting quite right for the battle aspect, nor was I able to come up with many of the graphics that were needed to really make it better. Besides that, designing city-like levels in Doom is quite hard and time consuming. Maybe I'll try again one day, but for the most part, I wished it had turned out better. It seems like a rather cool idea, a first-person Tokyo-smashing monster fight done in a Doom engine, but it's hard to pull off correctly.

Anyone else share the experience?

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I dunno. When a project is released you play all these nice levels, then you almost always come across some really shit ones, and it sort of spoils it a bit. I hate that.

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Well, the levels I have in Gothic DM 2 (two) and the Darkening Episode 1 (also two) seem pretty crappy to me now. My level in the Darkening Episode 2 could be better too.

Oddly enough, I'm still quite proud of Realms of Pain, a six level DM set I released before getting involved in Gothic DM 2 or the Darkening Ep 1.

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