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Is W.J. short in

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No. The eyepoint is lower because of the way the rendering engine works makes the player seem taller. If you look at screenshots of Laz Rojas' old WolfenDoom project, with the Doom player's eye height, the guards look like children. I think B.J. is meant to be about as tall as an officer, with the guard slightly shorter and the SS a bit taller. The same is true for Doom, as the Doom player has his eyes "in his chest" because otherwise it looks like he's peering over the human-sized monsters' heads.


Remember that with a real human field of view, you see much more below you than above you--your vision is angled slightly downwards.

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When are we going to stop trying to determine the height of old FPS characters by using their point of view?


@The BMFG is correct, BJ is roughly 4 inches tall, growing upward of eight inches when in danger.

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It's short for "William Joseph". I thought everyone knew this already.








yes of course i read all the posts in the thread before replying

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Another question that’s often asked is why are the SS blue. There’s 2 answers.

One, the SS wore blue SS body armor in the original Castle Wolfenstein from 1981.


Two, the game palette has more shades of blue than it does shades of what could be seen as dark gray or black, and like many comic books used to do, blue is used to show details that would be impossible to see in shades of black (Venom and the black suit spider-man are what immediately come to mind). This is why the guards have blue tints to their boots as well. The mutants don’t have a shine to their boots because they’re not following the dress code standards of the reich. 

This is also why teal was used to represent metallic stuff, because it could show more detail than coloring it all gray. Though, I’ve seen mods that make the doors and chaingun gray and still look quite metallic so this was probably an artistic decision and not an issue with the palette colors.

Plus, the way the colors look on certain monitors can vary a bit. These more colorful colors stand out more than black or gray would on a variety of monitors.

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What I always wanted to know about the SS guards.. Why were their sounds re-recorded for Doom2 to sound like wimpy children? Is it just because they look like tiny shrimp compared to DoomGuy so they had to make his voice higher pitched to match?


I recall laughing hard as a kid when I first heard the Doom2 version say “meinleben” when he dies. It always sounded so much more alarming the way they loudly barked it in Wolf3D.

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