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Dimensions of Time demos [-complevel 2]

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So my computer has decided to act up and seeming deliver a zip file with nothing in it (despite me checking before posting here) attempt 2, I shall check by downloading the zip file myself, sorry about this


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NoobBait said:

Dimensions of Time
Map 06 UV-Max in 2:05
It seems 2 barons cannnot be killed, so 91% kills is the maximum (unless someone proves me wrong)

I believe you can actually get those two barons if you use complevel 9 instead of 2, similar to how one can only get 82% kills on Strain map 32 in Doom2.exe

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Dimensions of Time Map28 UV Max in 3:15
This probably has the worst teleport trap ever to grace the world of doom, under 3 minutes is possible here with a LOT of luck.


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More Dimensions of time tablefillers
Map 24 UV Fast in 2:21 (pretty awful)
Edit UV Fast in 1:55 so will re-upload the file to have this run.
Map 31 UV Max in 0:58 (pretty good)

dot demos.zip

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Dimensions of Time
Map 23 UV-Max in 3:20
Map 24 UV-Max in 1:41
Map 25 UV-Max in 3:17
Map 30 UV-Max in 0:48
Map 31 UV-Max in 0:50
Map 32 UV-Max in 0:48

I was going to wait until I finished the rest of the wad, but I'm getting bored/busy (Oxymoron?) and I figured this will give people something to aim for at least.


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Dimensions Of Time (shakes fist)
Map21 UV Speed in 0:08 - Credits to Memfis for switch trick, but need lots of luck to drop into the secret before the lift rises up.
Map28 Nightmare 100% Secrets + Pacifist in 0:28

dot speedruns.zip

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Revved said:

Dimensions of Time
UV Max in 1:08:33

Good to see this, I'm a sucker for long movies, especially on older WADs. For my part, I converted DoT's old-format binary v2 DEH patch to text-format v3, so that now it's useable with prB+.

Here's the corresponding updated pattern for your prboom-plus.cfg:

demo_pattern94            "Dimensions of Time (conflict avoidance)/((dn01-209)|(dn02-202)|(dn03-138)|(dn04-137)|(dn05-227)|(dn06-245)|(dn09-007)|(dn08-218)|(dn09-059)|(dn10-006)|(dn11-204)|(dn12-143)|(dn13-224)|(dn14-215)|(dn15s106)|(dn16-150)|(dn17-108)|(dn18-110)|(dn19-105)|(dn20-151)|(dn21-223)|(dn22-016)|(dn23-346)|(dn24-137)|(dn25-059)|(dn26-417)|(dn27-229)|(dn28-042)|(dn29-151)|(dn30-055)|(dn31-100)|(dn32-016)|(dn32-038)|(dt01-047)|(dt01-141)|(dt02-049)|(dt03-059)|(dt04-112)|(dt05-033)|(dt06-104)|(dt08-027)|(dt09-007)|(dt10-004)|(dt10-011)|(dt11-058)|(dt12-037)|(dt13-122)|(dt14-136)|(dt15-109)|(dt15s113)|(dt16-223)|(dt17-038)|(dt17-156)|(dt18-034)|(dt19-034)|(dt20-045)|(dt21-037)|(dt22-010)|(dt23-133)|(dt24-018)|(dt25-056)|(dt26-200)|(dt27-130)|(dt28-025)|(dt29-128)|(dt30-109)|(dt31-029)|(dt31s033)|(dt32-015)|(dt32-054)|(30dt6833))\.lmp/doom2.wad|dot.wad|dot.deh"

BTW, any chance to get you to turn on the demo footer? The old version of prB+ you run is the first one to offer it
Options -> General -> third page -> Demos -> Use extended format = YES
though you might consider the latest stable version ( - there have been quite a few compat fixes since


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