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Ginormous flats

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I don't think this was ever really mentioned, but as a side effect of the way the textures are loaded, ZDoomGL supports huge flats (unlimited size, actually, so long as they're square).


Just a few screenshots showing off a 2048*2048 flat. Thanks to boris for making the map for me, since I suck at editing!

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whell what r flats?
and what's the diffrence to the other texture(modes?)
whell as u can c I'm quite active on the forum atm :p
cauze it's a greate game, not to manny ppl,
sertainly no stupid 1es and U r all nice guyz
if i made mistakes in the 'spelling' of my words.
feel free to correct me I'm from Belgium and not used to speak and write english

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Flats are floor and ceiling textures. The difference between them and wall textures are that wall textures are composed of 'patches', where flats are simply stored in raw format in the wad.

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