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Doom: Hell on Earth 3.8

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Sin – part 8

The visage was overwhelmingly terrifying. Its face filled all of my vision. It had the basic shape of a goat skull, but with horribly distorted features. Its skin was a sickening gray-greenish color and so wrinkled in some places that it appeared to have been melted and then congealed again. It had pure white eyes with disgusting red pus in the corners and it had a horribly distorted gash in its forehead. From its jaw protruded two misshapen fang teeth and disgusting, greenish saliva flowed from its mouth. Two large horns protruded from the sides of its horrendous head.
The head itself was locked inside an enormous machine of sorts. Large wires and pipes penetrated the goat head and I could see its dried blood covering areas of these pipes and wires where they met the disgusting green-grayish skin.

This terrible creature was the biggest and most repulsive demon I had seen yet and it had something frighteningly awesome over it that commanded the utmost fear. I had a feeling that I was standing before the embodiment of evil itself. That this creature was everything that Sin stood for.

The Icon of Sin!

But deep down in my awestruck mind, I couldn’t help but wonder what the Hell that machine that surrounded the head was?

The monster stared directly at me and then let out an ominous sound, that filled my mind as well as my ears and echoed throughout the enormous cavern. I could only interpret this sound as an exclamation of surprise.
A low growling sound escaped its horrible mouth and then it suddenly began chanting in a deep, incredibly evil voice. I couldn’t tell whether it was actually words or just a mixture of strange sounds thrown together but the chanting voice filled my mind and I felt how its mind filled mine, searching my head for my weaknesses and robbing me of all courage. I suddenly felt all helpless. What was I supposed to be able to do against such a terror?

I saw how its visage began to glow a weak reddish color all by itself.

In that very moment it struck me that I was staring at the very source of the Earth invasion. The demons had plundered Phobos and Deimos for human machinery and technology and used it to build a device to create their own door into our dimension. They had used this terrible creature and “enhanced” it with a translocator mock so that this abomination could open doors to Earth with its very mind. And at that moment I could feel that its mind was searching for the wayward humans that had left the Earth and once it had found them, it could unleash its terrible nightmare minions upon them.

It was now clear to me how desperate the situation really was. This abomination of Hell possessed the ultimate weapon: The ability to send its grisly demon warriors everywhere within our dimension it wished and the ability to look into our world, spying on every living being there. The retaking of the Star Port would all be in vain. I remembered the grisly sights I had seen underway and I was reminded that Hell had already driven me insane. I hated Hell unlike anything else, and the anger suddenly gave me my courage again.

This stream of thoughts and the sudden gain in determination only lasted a few seconds.

I suddenly saw the gash in the demon’s forehead open to reveal a large, bloodstained hole in its forehead. Inside was a glowing, disgusting mass of a red and orange fleshy material.

A loud sizzle reverberated throughout the cave and a skull made of pure flame shot out from the hole into the monster’s exposed brain. The flame skull touched down on the cliffs behind me and it turned into a minor bonfire. From the flames emerged a creature – a Hell Knight.
Another sizzle echoed throughout the cave and moments later fire erupted on the opposite side of me and a disgusting mancubus staggered out of the fire.

Quickly looking around, measuring the distance to the two creatures, I gritted my teeth, raised my rocket launcher and fired a couple of rockets at the monsters mouth and eyes. I watched as the rockets exploded in its eyes and its mouth. Blood shot out from its eyes and one of its teeth was blown to pieces, but the monster seemed not to care and an instant later, the wounds closed and the eyes regenerated. Also its mouth was fully healed. Another flame skull shot out from the hole in the forehead.


The Hell Knight on my right lurched at me with a roar, lashing out at me with its claws, but I ducked underneath it and slipped underneath its legs. At the same time, I heard the mancubus let out its distorted battle cry and large gouts of flame streamed from its flamethrowers...

...And hit the Hell Knight.

While the two terrors started “discussing their differences” I ran, thinking like crazy what to do. I knew that I had to win, otherwise Earth would not only be turned into an outpost of Hell, which it was already well underway to become, but this terrible Evil would eventually find out where humanity was hiding and teleport its terrors aboard the ships and wipe out all remaining humans.

But how could I win? This horrendous demon lord just didn’t seem to be vulnerable to my attacks. I could only give it a few ugly gashes that would instantly regenerate only a nuke seemed able to properly harm this thing, but I hadn’t even thought of bringing a nuke with me to Hell. In addition to its invulnerability, this abomination was spawning monsters from its brain, creating a never-ending supply of nightmarish dealers of horrible deaths.

I suddenly stopped and thought the last bit again. Ahead of me, a recently spawned bull demon eyed me and growled.

This abomination is spawning monsters... I thought unnerved. The bull demon lowered its horned head and started rushing at me. A cacodemon floated into view.
...from its brain!

The cacodemon opened its mouth and belched a ball of purple lightning at me, I hurled myself into the air, throwing the rocket launcher aside and grapping for the shotgun on my back. I rolled onto the floor next to the attacking bull demon and whipped out the shotgun.

I could feel the breath of the pinky as it lunged at me with its jaw wide open, but I swiftly thrust the twin barrels of the shotgun into its mouth and blew it away, before I leapt to my feet again.

I looked around for the rocket launcher and now I saw what chaos the Hellish cavern had erupted into.

Demonic horrors swarmed the cavern and the evil spawner was still spitting out new creatures. And then I saw the rocket launcher! The Cacodemon was in the way but not for long. A blast from my combat shotgun knocked it backwards and I swiftly scooped up the rocket launcher, while dropping the combat shotgun.

I swiftly aimed the rocket launcher at the huge goat demon’s forehead and waited briefly. The gash in the forehead opened whereupon I swiftly raised the gray weapon, firing two rockets at the hole that emerged. Both rockets flew straight into the hole and two muffled explosions that were barely audible sounded from within.
The enormous head jerked its head upward and opened its mouth up wide while closing its disgusting eyes in a painful roar.

Its roar of agony filled the cave and my mind, giving me a passing headache.

The rocket launcher was empty and I had to put a fresh belt of rockets into it. I reached for my rocket-filled cartridge belt slung over my shoulder and suddenly realized that I had only one five-rocket belt left.

Aww shit, I’ve got a problem! A really big problem!

As if a response, something slammed into my back and I fell on my face in surprise. The thing that had hit me had been scorching hot, yet solid. It had been a lost soul. I knew that it would strike again in the next instant.
Suppressing the pain, I swiftly rolled onto my feet and the lost soul slammed into the rocky ground where I had been lying. I saw a brown cacodemon-like monster float ominously above me. A Pain Elemental!

I was just about to drop the rocket launcher and get my shotgun off the ground when I noticed how many demons were either charging my way or engaged in battle with each other. Instead I ran past the floating abomination just as it launched another lost soul at me, while reloading the weapon in my hands. My body ached in protest, but I kept going. I was exhausted, dizzy and thirsty, but I refused to give up. The rocket belt slipped, but I managed to grab it and finally, I didn’t even know how, the weapon was reloaded!

I grinned like crazy. I could feel how the demons surrounded me, yet I saw only the looming head that was in front of me.

“Are we ready to SUFFER!?” I roared at the monstrous head and shouldered the cylindrical weapon, taking aim, while completely ignoring the roaring demons advancing on me, ready to let merciless death clutch me. I now noticed that the huge monster’s visage looked weakened. Blood flowed from its eyes, mouth and through the holes that made up its “nose”. And then I knew that one more successful hit would kill it!

“Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!” I roared in crazed amusement as I launched a single rocket at the head, dodging a bolt of flaming goo that a Baron launched at me.
The rocket sizzled through the air and disappeared into the hole in the demonic forehead.

I could never in my life have imagined a more spectacular effect!

Fiery light shone from its forehead as it jerked its enormous head backwards and roared a single prolonged scream of agony. And I knew then that I had just delivered the quietus – the final blow!
The head seemed to almost explode from the inside and many tiny explosions erupted on the outside with spectacular pyrotechnics, shredding its skin and its entire face before me.
The monster continued to scream while flames ate up its tissue, shriveling up the monster, revealing its ruined skull underneath. I watched how the horrendous visage of the hugest demon I had ever seen throughout my hellish experiences died and crumbled before me.

I lowered the rocket launcher and just stared at the crumbling demon's end.
"This is for all the dead people and all the misery that you're responsible for dickfiend!" I mumbled.

The demons around me seemed like paralyzed. They stared with their scores of evil eyes. Then suddenly they erupted in rage and turned on each other. I found it the safest to bring myself to safety and ran down the cliff towards the ruined remains of the demon head.

As I ran, I saw how a bright ball of pure energy formed amidst the inferno at the center of the machinery where the head now lay ruined. The demonic head had opened up like an empty shell and to my astonishment, a pulsing rift formed where its face had been. But it looked quite unstable and I was sure that it would dissolve in a matter of seconds, so with one last hope in my mind, I headed straight for it and leapt through the flames.

I grunted in pain as the licking tongues of fire burnt me and I barely managed to contain a scream of pain as a sharp shrapnel piece that flew from a minor explosion that just erupted, hammered into my arm. I dropped the rocket launcher, for my arm suddenly went numb. Yet I continued my mad dash towards the rift. I could see that it was slowly fading again.

I must reach it, I must...

I looked up and was almost blinded by the light of the rift.

Suddenly everything went dark and the terrible noises of Hell erupting in flames and destruction died away.



...But the story is not quite over yet, muhahahahaha!!!
Stay tuned for the very last chapter which I'll probably release tomorrow already (since it's mostly done already).

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Epyo said:

OOOOOOOOO, great last boss. Or it seems like the last boss.

Oh it is, it is.

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DSM said:

...It had pure, white eyes with disgusting, red pus in the corners of its eyes and it had a horribly distorted gash in its forehead...

I'm sorry, but this is realy terrible grammer. Could you try to fix it up a bit?

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Insomniak said:

I'm sorry, but this is realy terrible grammer. Could you try to fix it up a bit?

Elaborate, please - Overuse of commas or what?

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More like overuse of the word "eyes"

try this:

...It had pure, white eyes with disgusting red pus in the corners, and a horribly distorted gash in its forehead...

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