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Beta Style: A Taste of Pre-Release Flavor (UPDATED! v2 6/18/2022)

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Posted (edited)



Beta Style is a wad for GZDoom that simply replaces a number of sprites to make Doom look a little bit like the early Alpha and Beta versions, but mixed with the finished quality of the full commercial release.  Ask yourself, what might Doom look like in an alternate universe where some of these early ideas were never discarded, and instead made their way to retail?  That's what Beta Style hopes to answer!  


This wad makes no gameplay changes, and includes no maps, but will give a fresh new coat of paint to your favorite map sets.






Fists have been replaced with a combat knife!

Pistol has been replaced with a rifle!

Shotgun has a new beta sprite!

Super Shotgun is now a pump-action double-barrel!

Chaingun is now a heavy machinegun!

Plasma gun now fires green plasma!

The BFG 9000 has been replaced with the BFG 2704!




All zombies now wear helmets.  The glowing red eyes of the possessed can be seen through the visors.

Beta Lost Souls return, now set ablaze and recolored to match the burnt bone tones of their 1.0 counterparts.

Arch-Viles attack with foul green hell-energy instead of traditional fire.

Arachnotrons now resemble their mother more.

Pinkies received a Beta facelift.

Imps feature the weird orange-colored eyes and mouths from early Doom test screenshots.

Revenants, now with 100% less guts for that authentic clay model look!

Cacodemons and hell nobles attack with groovy plasma balls.





Lots of miscellaneous changes inspired by alpha and beta versions! Most only take inspiration from unfinished sprites rather than just restoring them as they were, because the item sprites changed a lot, and were very rough.  I tried to hit a nice middle ground that pays homage to early Doom but won't effect gameplay by making you constantly ask yourself "what the hell is that grey square?!"






Edited by ShallowB : Version 2

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Going to make a note that this is ZDOOM/GZDoom family only. Instant crash on PrBoom+.


Other than that this looks really cool!

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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, kalensar said:

Going to make a note that this is ZDOOM/GZDoom family only. Instant crash on PrBoom+.


Oops! I knew I was missing something.  Added to the top of the description.


It uses a DECORATE lump to rename some weapons and enemies  Could probably be done with dehacked, but I don't really know how to use that, so for now it's only compatible with ZDoom-based ports.  Also used it to add the spent shell casings ejecting, and I'm not sure you could recreate that in a vanilla-compatible way.



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Liking ye olde fashioned medkits and love the way the green archie flame shows off the lighting on the sprite but, bruh - put some NSFW tags on that pantsless skeleton!

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You forgot to show off the lost souls in the video!

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I love this idea, especially the combinations of both worlds. Thank you so much for sharing this, it's quite cool.

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This is cool.  I also used green recolored mancubus fireballs in my wad, only the Baron throws them to make it seem stronger than the HK.

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9 hours ago, Gez said:

You forgot to show off the lost souls in the video!

Yeah, kinda forgot about them in the moment, so I made sure to include an image at the top!


They were the first thing I made for this project.

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Updated to version 2! Now includes a rocket launcher, a new machine gun sprite, and some energy cells!

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