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Closing threads again

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Since you guys are closing threads again prematurely, a new one has to be made. This activity seems to be increasing in pace, sometimes for no good reason. As long as the discussion is not getting too rude or otherwise out of hand, threads in general should not be closed. Each time a mod or users decides that "That'll be enough, question is answered", other members are not allowed to speak if they have something to say. I'm in agreement with myk in the other recently-closed thread about this topic, closing of threads should not be standard fare because it's presumptuous of someone to decide that "no one has more to ask or offer".

Linguica said:

"Uh, it's been like this for months and months, and apparently none of you ever noticed, so I don't see the big deal."

I'd say no, it's more like none of us have been active in doing this until more recently. This is the third recent thread that I've wanted to contribute to and in effect be told "we don't want to hear it" when I find it closed. Doesn't feel right, I don't spend time here idly gabbing as some do, just try mainly to contribute to editing, multiplayer and source port discussions. I know that there is nothing personal meant when someone closes a thread arbitrarily, but it certainly is irritating to have it happen with increasing frequency. All please refrain from closing threads to the extent you are able. :)

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I'm thinking of asking the other staff what they think of the registered user closing their own threads.

I promise you if a moderator/admin closes a thread they will have a good reason and in this case that reason is that they make the decisions according to the admins guidelines, you don't, and there's nothing more to say.

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