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Nightmare Squad mod

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Has anyone ever played this? It's for Zdoom, but it has its own exe, based on Zdoom 1.22. Does anyone know if it's been updated?

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Yeah, I have played that mod. It was the first real weapons mod. It was the first to have plenty of weapons, secondary fires, and reloads, and fire modes. If you liked it, e-mail me and I can send you a patch where I edited its dual berettas graphics, and made a whole mod out of it. Its for EDGE, and replaces some guns and coding in ICD-SE.

I don't think its been updated at all.

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Where can I find this Nightmare Squad?
[edit]uh... yeah what Epyo said...[/edit]

Also... I'm pretty sure I made some weapons Mods back in 96-97... and I'm sure there were more before me.

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