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OSJC's Major Crisis - A gameplay mod for zdoom/gzdoom engine.

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A gameplay mod for zdoom/gzdoom. Consider it a love-letter to all fps's of the late nineties and early two thousand's, All viewed through the lens of classic DooM's gameplay...


moddb page - https://www.moddb.com/mods/osjcs-doom-major-crisis


main file - https://www.moddb.com/mods/osjcs-doom-major-crisis/downloads/osjcs-majorcrisis-slayers-legacy-edition


been at this is some form since 2017.

its just had a new version release so have at it!

this is the first time I've posted it on this forum.


some obligitory screenshots:







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while I think the setup with all the differing files is a little clunky, I enjoyed the mod itself. One thing I though was really cool was the when I skipped to map30 and hit idkfa to play around a bit and found the icon of sin had also had enhancements.

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yeah its fair to say it seems a little clunky.


the only real file you need is majorcrisis.Gz.pk3.


all the others are optional extras that were, in the early days, seperate add-ons that simply got consolidated into the main download a few years back but remained left as seperate files so that folks can choose to use them or not as they see fit...


nice to see someone finally noticed the work I put into the IOS! animated eyes, gore and screenshake on pain and an improved death!

not to mention the extra health to balance the obvious advantage freelook and the new weapons in the mod gives the player!


anyway, I've updated mod this today to feature new monster sprites for the possessed (thanks Amuscaria) in mc_monstas.pk3 and a few fixes and tweaks and whatnot elsewhere... 


so go have fun!

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Great job !!!!! I'm gonna give it a go today! the modified zombie fodder looks great I like the thinner look. I think its the zombie fodder i'm not exactly sure though, I don't remember the little shriveled up wankers lmao!! and also that UAC zombieman rifle looks spot on

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FYI Ive just updated this this weekend to feature improved effects on the blood.

The splats, pools, bootprints, barrel tops/bottoms and also all the dead stuff on sticks and even the candles now feature model based floor decals. like they should have. 

sorry its been so long coming... but I'm glad I'v finally done it. it looks great, if I do say so myself...





...which I do.

I best go now before I break my arm patting myself on the back... ;)

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Updated yesterday to include many new changes.
listed below in no specific order.


///CHANGELOG/// (SAT 4 FEB 2023):

- Updated Chaingun sprites
- Grenadelauncher, 'reskined' and reanimated
- Auto grenadelauncher (EP), also 'reskined' and reanimated
- Caco Gibby deaths vastly improved and updated with new sprites and anims (includes kickable eye gib!)
- TNT's fence texture updated (TNT_SKY.pk3)
- Coloured coronas on all torches (large and small)
- coloured coronas on soulsphere, megasphere and invuln-sphere items
- coloured coronas on burningbarrel, floorflames, evileye and Floatingskull decorations
- Rocketlauncher 'reload' anims
- 'weapon-up' animations added to Shotgun, RocketLauncher and Auto Grenadelauncher
- updated Pickup sprite for shotgun
- 'Cockroach' actors around bloodpools and dead stuff (appear as decals in hardware-render)
- updated Spriteset for Crushed Actors (both floor and ceiling)
- updated bootprint decals
- Nightprowler (MC's version of nightmareimps) monster added
- both nightprowlers and Hellhounds now feature in MC version of KDIZD on spawnpoints.
- Spectre specific spriteset added (translucent with bones showing)
- tweaks to Nailgun's hud sprites
- updated cell ammo sprite
- updated magnum 'slug' ammo sprite
- Updates to Pistol behavour; removed altfire and the HUD/crosshair Magazine 'health' indicator added (as on Machinegun)
- Magazine ejection added to pistol, Machinegun and Riot-controller
- DooMII Cityscape skies tweaked (D2_SKY.pk3)
- water surface ripple-splashes now appear as decals in hardware-render
- updated Visor sprites
- Signal Flare items added (randomized on Visor spawnpoint)
- Updated ammobox sprites
- Update to Megahealth Sprite (blue cross to easier distinguish from medkit over range)
- Updates to 'Possessed' monster behaviour; will sometimes hurl gib projectiles when out of melee range
- cyberdemon death anim altered to feature decal bloodpool in place of spritebased one.
- dedicated Kick key (in OSJC options menu)
- MC endoom screen added





or not.

It's your life afterall ;)

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