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i know a guy you can buy comptability from. go downtown at night and out of a dark alley comes a man who's face is hidden in the shadows so you cant see it but he holds out both hands. you put your money in one hand and take the comptability from the other hand, and then he slipps back into the shadows where you cant see him even if you follow him in. and he never says a thing

Uh, wtf?

/me jams a shotgun into Shotgun Bill's mouth and pistols into each eye socket

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i've got Windows XP , and if i try to run Zdoom or Edge32
it doesn't work , comptability either :-(

Worked when I tried it.

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Guest Fanatic


If it fails for EDGE32, then you probably have the wrong version of DirectX.

1.24 needed DX 7, don't think it worked quite right on all machines with DX 8.

EDGE 1.25 WIP works great with DX 8.

Might be the same situation with ZDOOM.

You should be able to get the DX version you have by click Start/Run.../and type: dxdiag

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Because they're compiled against the new(er) platform SDKs? The more important question is ... why haven't you upgraded to DirectX 8.0a already?

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