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[ ? ] Hunger System


Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum and Doom modding has been lately in my mind for a very long time, so I started writting ideas and concepts for

my very own mods as a past time even If they are never acomplished. 


One mechanic I'd love to implement in my mod is, as title says, a very basic Hunger System.

I've been searching for actual mods using something like this feature and I haven't found anything similar or haven't search on the right spot.

Anyways, I'm sure this could be possible due to the fact I've seen systems more complicated than this in Blade of Agony for example.


The example could be two minimalistic visible bars displayed on screen that are slowly reduced in time. One bar for food and the other for water.

They will only replenish when some kind of food or drink item is used. To make it feel a nice and fitting addition, this mechanic can't be too harsh

on the player.


It is not a task you need to keep an eye on all the time, for this food and drink items need to be accesible to look for on the maps.

This mechanic can't be useless so If player's bars are under 20% they will suffer negative effects like blur vision, shaking hands and a slow HP reduction.

Maybe even killing the player when bars reach 0%.


I would thank you If you share here with me any related info you have and also very important for me, your opinions about a mod having this system I

describe above.

Can this mechanic be done as described? You think it's interesting or you think it's completely shit? Please, let me know.




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How experienced are you with making mods for Doom? Because this sounds like it would be possible to do, but it would require writing extensive code. It might not be a good first project for a new modder.


The idea of survival mechanics like that doesn't seem to fit with the fast paced, high damage-swingy game that Doom is. Survival mechanics tend to fit better with games which have more slower-paced and cautious gameplay. Concept-wise, I'm not a big fan of survival mechanics, because the path between "not enough impact to matter" and "so impactful that it interferes with fun" is pretty narrow even even in games built around survival. In a fast-paced game like Doom, those bars would need to be going down really quickly, and it would impact the exploration aspects of it like switch hunting, backtracking, and looking for secrets.

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2 hours ago, Stabbey said:

How experienced are you with making mods for Doom?


No experience at all but I'd really love learning how modding works as it has interested me for a very long time.

However, I'm very good and commited with writting stories, world building and many other ideas. So let's say

this Hunger System would be just a concept for now.


3 hours ago, Stabbey said:

... It might not be a good first project for a new modder.


Yeah, as said my very firsts projects will be simple and not ambitious at all. Basic things first.

I just started reading stuff and using Ultimate Doom Builder to try basic things. It will take time!


3 hours ago, Stabbey said:

The idea of survival mechanics like that doesn't seem to fit with the fast paced, high damage-swingy game that Doom is...


That's right baby. Actually I'm not a fan of Survival genre neither and I do love classic Doom just how it is.

But there are mods out there making Doom a different or complete new experience and they can be quite great.


You may not like some mechanics like NPC dialogue, trading, hub map, etc... But when they are well implemented

and are consistent with the other elements of the gameplay they can be fun and interesting to many players.


Thanks! As I said, your opinions on this are very wellcome.




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