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Custom title superfest contest!

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Alright, here we go.

Just a quick reminder on how this works: I will post one screenshot at a time. You reply with what game & map the screenshot is from (e.g. "Doom2, Map19"). You can only post one answer per screenshot. Edited posts automatically disqualify your answer for that particular screenshot. If there are no correct answers after 10 guesses, I will move on to the next screenshot. If your answer is correct, I will quote it and tell you you're correct. Quote me back and reply with the title you want. I'll give you the title once the contest is over.

Titles can be a maximum of 40 characters in length, so don't patronize me about putting a whole friggin movie script in there. HTML is reserved for total retards, so unless you want to end up in Losers, don't ask for it. Once you have your title, please refrain from posting here thread again. Off-topic replies may be deleted, but there are no punishments involved. Moderators are exempt from this contest.

Here we go:

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