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Jumpwad demos [-complevel 11]

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Jumpwad is 7-level platforming wad created by Ribbiks and Grain of Salt.


Suggested file code is jumpXXYYZZ where XX is the map number, YY is the category, ZZ is the time.


Since it's quite unconventional, there may be some questions regarding the interpretation of the UV-MAX category.


After some discussion in doom speedrunning discord, the preliminary rules for the wad are the following:

UV-MAX requires not just all kills and secrets, but also all items. And it does not require Eternal Golden Flame.

However, if you did collect Eternal Golden Flame, please state it in some note, it will most probably be accounted for in one way or another.

Note from Maribo: Any Pacifist exits should be labeled as UV-Speed.


Also, runs on "No Snow" and "Some Snow" should be counted as UV, but if you did demo on -skill 2 or -skill 3, explicitly state so in the txt.


This approach may be a subject to change, and demos may be recategorized, but they should not be invalidated.


Note: the wad wad updated on June 24th, 2022, all the demos stayed in sync, but please be sure to download the newest version for the future demos.


Copy of my demos from the wad's thread:


Map 02 UV-Speed in 0:45

zip: jump02spd045.zip

video: https://youtu.be/T5wPzope_KU



Map 05 UV-MAX in 4:51

zip: jump05-451.zip

video: https://youtu.be/nCCA6zOQe-8



Map 05 UV-Speed in 1:11

zip: jump05spd111.zip

video: https://youtu.be/dfdc7S4ZamM


Edited by Ravendesk : note about wad update

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map07 UV-Max (+flame) in 16:39



2:15 + 9:24 + 3:31 + 8:53 + 3:20 + 4:55 + 16:39 = 48:57
i'll give the d2all another go soon, f&t section isn't so bad with cheese and new setups

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Map05 UV-Speed in 57.51




I wanted to speedrun my jumpwad fav map, recorded on skill 2 cuz with snow the fps are horrid, even on oGL mode.

The bomb "bridge" is a bit BS but its very near the start of the level so i didnt balding at all, i dont know if you noticed but i did an
the 0.00000 trick on the last elevator so i saved a few tics 8), fun level to run.

I have included a skill 4 version of the demo if you want to see the demo while it snows in the level :)



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