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Anyone else experienced this?

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So I'm coming along nicely in the map and then i noticed I may need a sectors worth of room. So I draw a bigger sector around the smaller one. Suddenly, all my deleted sectors become active sectors again and I have to not only delete all of those walls again, but reapply texture on all of them....it's like the doom2 format was purposely designed to frustrate for the smallest of mistakes....

Ok fixed it, then i need to expand the sector next to a deleted sector. I expand it a little bit and the whole map suddenly starts vomiting missing textures everywhere again....oh..and walls dissappear ofcourse....


am i doing something wrong? probably. what? i have no idea

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Yeah I think I've had that happen before.


To avoid that happening, first make a smaller sector adjoining it, then expand it around using vertexes (add more vertexes as needed). Repeat for the other side, connect the two, and if desired, join those two outer sectors into one.


If you're using UDB, turning off "auto-finish drawing, that can help avoid some issues as well.

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this is a common issue for me, just not on the scale youve described. ill often have sectors break on me and force me to redraw the sector shapes. stabbey above me said turn off auto finish drawing and i agree, this helps. might not solve your issue but it helps.

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