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Sky vastness

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Do you any of you remember Ballistyx from Final Doom? It had you starting in front of building you are supposed to enter. This courtyard was vast in size and had the red hell sky. What I don't understand is how they did it...or how to reproduce it. It seemed like they had no wall and it was just the sky and the floor and the midbars, but if I do that, it get some issues. How do you do that? And if you're up to the challenge, is there a place where I can find out how to build actual buildings you can enter properly? I've tried, but it hasn't worked out the best. Thanks everyone.

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What is it exactly you're trying to do? Have a parralaxing sky (not wall painting) as a wall?

Simple. You have three sectors. Label them A, and B.

Sector A is the 'room' sector (where you walk)

Sector B is the 'sky' sector. (set this to 1 higher than the floor.

Both sectors have the f_sky1 ceiling.

Easy as pie.

Mmmmmm. Pie. :)

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yeah just make sure the sky texture blends well on all sides or it will look shitty. heh, Ballistyx.

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You need 2 outdoor sectors - sector A (where any scenery etc. will go) and sector B (surrounding sector A, except the wall next to it). Imagine that sector A is a square attached to the wall, and sector B is a C-shape wrapped around it, but also attached to the wall.

If sector A is (0, 128) then sector B should be (0, 0). Both sectors should have F_SKY1 on the ceiling, floors can be anything you want. There should be no upper textures between sectors A and B.

The heights can be anything you want, but the important bit is that sector B should have identical floor/ceiling heights and they should equal the floor height of sector A.

(You can have these heights higher than the floor of sector A, in which case put a lower texture between the two sectors, to create the sky effects seen in many Phobos maps where the brown wall round the outside of an outdoor area is not as tall as the buildings)

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pritch said:


Hmm, musta missed that one. It started out as three sectors, then didn't need the last one. :P

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