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Skyscraper (Full Quake 4 Version) [Doom 3 Engine]

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If anyone find any interest of this, I have uploaded a map set for Quake 4 which can be played as a single player or as a cooperative multiplayer.  Just be aware, the cooperative mode can only be played under the patch 1.3 where as the single player mode can be played under any recent version of Quake 4.  If someone figured out how to play the cooperative mode on the recent or Steam version, let me know.  Enjoy.

Skyscraper (Full Quake 4 Version):


Q4 Open Coop Techdemo 2:


Quake 4 Windows 1.3 Patch:


Quake 4 Open Coop (Known Bugs)


Skyscraper: Introduction (Open Coop Mode)



Skyscraper: The Entrance (Open Coop Mode)



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