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Change existing map in a new map file


So I'm working on my megawad and I wanna use one of my existing maps into the titlemap. Problem is I can't seem to figure out how to port the it in the new file without opening the previous project before. Is there a way to change that at all? I'm using Ultimate Doom Builder and I'm kinda frustrated and confused on what to do.

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If your map is sufficiently simple, you can just copypaste between two UDB instances - your old project and a new map. They don't even have to 100% match the format, I've done things like copying vanilla fight sketch into a boom map (presumably copying to a format with missing features isn't going to go well).


Option 2 is to "File->Save into" another wad.


Otherwise, make a new WAD in SLADE and copy the map and whatever other lumps you might need (textures/sprites/dehacked/palettes/mapinfo/whatever).

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1 hour ago, Doomy__Doom said:

Holy crap the copypaste thing worked! Thanks man!


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