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Unknown script

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I'm trying to make ridable vehicles based on an abandoned mod called urban pacification and I'm getting some errors relating to an unknown script...






Some help would be appreciated... Thanks :)

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You are calling a named script "exit vehicle", but you're showing us a numbered script 9999. What is supposed to the the relationship between these two? You can't just come up with arbitrary names for things and expect the computer to be able to psychically guess they are connected, so you either need to change the script identifier to "exit vehicle", or you need to change the script call to run script 9999.


Edit: Oh, I see it's because you called the global ACS object "exit vehicle", yeah that's not how that works. The script names and numbers remain the same in the library and are still called just like anything else, it's not abstracted, the lump name is just what gets fed into the LOADACS lump so it can be loaded (so make sure you've made that lump too to have it loaded). It also can't have a space to the best of my understanding.

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I've changed a few things in the mod (which is a pk3, btw) for example: I removed the space, and made it so the script is "forced" to work...

And made it so the script isn't a named script but instead goes like "ACS_Executealways (9999, 0 , 0, 0, 0,)" instead of what I orginally intended...

LOADACS 2yhbvcftyu.PNG


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I also added these to the vehicle's weapon to notify you when it's ready, but it yields the same results...




I've just added them to the LOADACS lump, hope it works...




EDIT: I've instead decided to have it print a message that tells you how to use the vehicle when you enter it, thanks you guys!, appreciate it...

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Okay, please read this reference. You dont know what types of scripts are. Script of type "ENTER" are only executed when player enters map containing said script. What you need to set the scripts to work is "(void)". 




Also, do you have any particular reason to have the scripts in two separate files? Such simple scripts could be all in one file, no need to bother with two files really. More files means longer loadtime and also higher chance of thing screwing up.

And another thing, show me your weapons code. Did you know there is a function A_Print(), that works basically the same as the ACS version? You really don't need to call acs when you simply want to print/log something on the display.

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