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stupid (tsocheff)

guy who signed up just to start shit

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17 hours ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

You might want to grow up a little if you wish to continue using this website.

Well, they're not acting like a 4 year old when they don't get mcdonalds.

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16 hours ago, Hitboi said:

It looks like an unedited screenshot to me rather than being visually sampled, I find that a lot of people using filtering in modern source ports and you can see it on that pistol sprite, so I suspect that it's a normal screenshot.

Agreed, and the pistol is out of place to be fitting with the songs' themes.


@stupid ass You said "no" and also have the Thy Flesh Consumed sky texture set as your avatar, how ironic. Maybe you should add punctuation into your posts, write longer posts (at least slightly longer) and grow up a little.

You forgot the comma at the, ") and grow up" part. Also you need a comma before quotes.

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