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Doom 32x: Evil Reincarnate - A 32x Doom mod

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Looking for hardware testers. Preferably with an Mega Everdrive (Pro).

Message me on Doomworld or on Discord at @VL2MStudio#4604 if you are interested.

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Bumping the thread just to tell you that I'm still working on it. Whenever I have time. Life's a bitch and so am I with making up more projects.

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This project isn't dead! Sadly IRL can't let me work on it much! Also I like to start other projects :( sorry.
One day this will be released! I promise!


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Hello everyone! I feel like I need to post an update.

Currently this project has been on an indefinite hiatus because, well, real life stuff, I do not want to disclose but lot of stuff has been going on. Please understand. I may have more time to work on this later this year. Also, I started a bunch of more side projects in the meanwhile. It's a curse really haha.


Anyways, I wanted to say that I've been thinking of an aesthetic change. Make the game look more industrial, with more inspiration from Doom 64 or the Quake games. I will post some concepts and see what you think.


Thank you.

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