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Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

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6 minutes ago, Ravendesk said:

I'm sorry for the offtop, but I just couldn't help but notice that Sunlust D2All UV-MAX is on the list.

Oh, right. BTW forgot to mention, 1 million points if anyone beats that run. Have fun. :)


Best.wad UV-Max in 0:31.


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9 hours ago, El juancho said:

DBP34: Luminous Gloom

Map07 Pacifist in 8.43



@4shockblast 1so map10 uv-speed 9 secs was beaten by billa on june and now the record is 8.03


Dot map 22 uv speed record was beaten by KMC in 2019

I didn't check uv-speed for faster pacifist, but hopefully this is all of them (so these can be ignored):

1999-06-22|doom|doom|E3M7|UV Speed|1:00.97|Andy Kempling|
2018-04-27|doom|ultimate_1994|E1M4|UV Speed|4:38.00|Bob9001|
2016-07-26|doom2|aaliens|Map 14|UV Speed|1:00.06|Krankdud|
2015-01-23|doom2|d2twid|Map 09|UV Speed|0:47.00|eLim|
2018-05-30|doom2|dmnsns|Map 02|UV Speed|4:00.09|NoisyVelvet|
1999-04-30|doom2|doom2|Map 16|UV Speed|0:54.00|Marko van der Want#Arno Slagboom|2P
2003-10-24|doom2|dot|Map 22|UV Speed|0:10.00|Angus|
2017-11-26|doom2|dot|Map 29|UV Speed|1:00.97|Spie812|
2018-04-21|doom2|r2wolfd2|Map 01|UV Speed|0:10.00|Bob9001|
2003-04-13|doom2|scythe|Map 10|UV Speed|0:22.00|Opulent|
2015-10-13|tnt|ht|Map 01|UV Speed|0:30.00|Cyberdemon531|


edit: a couple more

Edited by ZeroMaster010

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Speed of Doom

Map01 UV-Fast in 2:40.86



DSDA crashed when I tried to exit the game after recording this, the demo plays back fine and the -analysis tool reads it correctly but sorry if there's an issue!

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