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when playing coop multiplayer mods like arctic wolf none of the objects or enemys show up but playing d2 cooply is fine. and is there a way to set it into dm mode coz i can only seem 2 play d2 cooply

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Ok, I don't think I really get what exactly you want to do :)

If you want to play DM, the host has to start the game with the -deathmatch or -altdeath command line parameters. Example:
zdoomgl -altdeath <other parameters here>

If you want to play coop, you don't have to use any other special command line parameters. The game defaults to coop. At least earlier versions did :)

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Cool, I'll check it out when I get home...

Heh, I took a little break from it over the weekend (parents were visiting + NHL All Star Game) or I would have looked at this already :)

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jammers666 said:

cud it b because the maps r not in zdoom foramt??

Maybe you simply mis-spelled the command line parameters? :P

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in soooo sorry (in dislxic)
na my params are

"D:\games\old games\ASTRO3\zdoomgl.exe" -file arctic gfx1 -deh arctic1 -host 2
"D:\games\old games\ASTRO3\zdoomgl.exe" -file arctic gfx1 -deh arctic1 -join

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