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Hakros Pattern Editor 1.2.5

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Hi, everyone


I have created this application for Windows, the simplest and easy to use texture editor for classic DOOM games as well HERETIC and HEXEN, you can combine any pre-existing texture/image to create your own textures in a few steps and repacking them into a new PK3 texture file to use them with your maps, or you can just use them as images in your wad files directly.

Discover the endless possibilities :-D !!






You can easily combine any texture






Use the default patterns or create new ones easily




You can import the images directly on a wad file or create a new PK3 file








You can use any image or texture to combine them and generate new textures. You can optionally download the hakrostex.dat file (my own textures pack) with 36.000 realistic material textures files from download section.


Install instructions

This software requires .NET Framework 4.6.1, you can find it here




You can get the tool from the official website:







Edited by hakros

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3 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

Looks pretty interesting!


Thanks, so much :-) 

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3 hours ago, Dark Pulse said:

Now that's some neat shit right there.


Thanks.... :-D ??

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