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Skyscraper 2.0 (Full Doom 3 Version)

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On 8/11/2022 at 12:43 PM, Ozcar said:

I love the map, my only issues is framedrops.


Thanks for playing it.  I'm sorry about the framedrops.  It was probably the fact that I joined two maps together on the last 2 levels or could be the 1st level with the house.  I'm not clear where the framedrops occur because it works fine on my recent computer.  However, there is an old version you could try but it does not have the beginning house in the map pack.  The old version is 1.0 and it plays differently which can be downloaded here:






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2 Sawyer
1 Mancubus
3 Hell Knights
1 Archvile

Living Room:
1 Machine Gun
2 Clip Large

Fireplace Room:
1 Shotgun
1 Shells Large

2 Medkit Large

4 Security Armor
3 Grenades

Basement Closet:
1 Tentacle Commando
2 Boxes of rockets
2 Cells Large

Upstairs Bathroom:
3 Medkit Large

Upstairs Bedroom:
1 Archvile
1 Plasma Rifle
1 Security Armor
1 Medkit Large

Upstairs Bedroom 2:
1 Zombie

Upstairs Closet:
1 Imp

4 Shotgun Z-Sec
4 Machine Gun Z-Sec
1 Rocket Launcher
3 Boxes of rockets

2 Revenants

Garage (exit):
1 Chaingun Commando
1 Pinky (outside)
4 Medkit Large
1 Chainsaw
4 Grenades
1 Shells Large

Zombie 1
Imp 1
Shotgun Z-Sec 4
Machine Gun Z-Sec 4
Pinky 1
Sawyer 2
Revenant 2
Tentacle Commando 1
Chaingun Commando 1
Archvile 1
Hell Knight 3

Shotgun 1
Machine Gun 1
Plasma Rifle 1
Chainsaw 1
Rocket Launcher 1
Shells Large 2
Clip Large 2
Grenades 7
Cells Large 2
Box of rockets 5
Security Armor 5
Medkit Large 6

Edited by BonciuADV

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I KNEW MYHOUSE.WAD LOOKED FAMILIAR! It was your mod! Congrats again for making such a good looking realistic house. If someone's to make a sequel to myhouse in the idTech4 engine (and God how bone-chillingly terrifying would that be), it would be you. Just imagine it...

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