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a somewhat annoying mod... and pink

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ahhh... worms... don't you remember when you used to play worms alone, with a family member, friend, etc?
well, now with this mod (which is still in work(7/7/2022 is finished)) you will be able to replace the imps with an annoying worm addicted to fireballs!
(the voices are Hispanic)


a video and the mod is right here



Edited by LuzRoja29

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Looks nice, i saw that some sprites are missing leaving the imps one, but otherwise it's ok.

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ha! the worms armageddon voices in Spanish bring back memories.

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Suggested names:


Shotgunner= Sgt Wormshot

Demon=Wermin (from Vermin)

Imp=Worm Scratcher

Spectre=Stermin(plz no immaturity, from Stealth Vermin)

Baron of Hell=Baron of Worms
Cyber Mastermind= Worm Hivemind
Chaingunner= Wormspitter
Revenant= Boneworm 

Archvile= Worminizer

Hell Knight= Worm Knight

Cacodemon= Wormhead

Pain Elemental= Worm Factory

Lost Soul= Baby Worm


Jokes aside, use them if you wish to use them. Quite a weird idea bringing worms into doom, but then again, they fit really well into desolate wasteland. maybe make a cp and get some help, so you can make a full blown worm horror mod.

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30 minutes ago, LuzRoja29 said:

ehm... i gonna make it for doom, not for doom 2, because there are going to be many sprites that I am going to have to do

well less names then :D but yhea it is a lot of work. good luck, and above all, have some fun

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