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Reign in Blood

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Posted (edited)

Here's another map, I guess.

I decided to shift away from your standard tech-base or industrial setting and make my first Hell map.

Naming this map was a bit of a doozy, at first the map was named "Realm of Heresy", but then I thought I could maybe do something like MM2's MAP29 did, with it's name being the same as a Manowar album. So I changed it to the name of a Slayer album.






Name: Reign in Blood

Map Format: Boom

Ports Tested: PrBoom+, GZDoom, Eternity Engine

IWAD: Doom 2

Map: MAP12

Music: "Blood of the Unworthy" by Tristan Clark

Inspiration: Unholy Realms MAP25, Scythe 2 MAP27, Speed of Doom MAP27

Gameplay: Single-play/Coop

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Multiplayer Placement: No

Build Time: 2 days

Textures: cc4-tex


Have fun!



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This wasn't too bad! The teleport ambush at red key was really cool. I guess it feels a little empty and basic in spots but you'll get better if you keep at it.

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Posted (edited)

Hmmmmm, This sounds like a Slayer refence. I'll give this a go and let you know. 


The only issue i had with this was.. it was too short. I wanted more, i was craving more lol. But with jokes aside this was fun to play and like i said it was a little short for my taste, if you're planning to do more with this i'm more then happy to give it another shot. 

Edited by xScavengerWolfx

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The red key ambush was pretty cool. Maybe there were too much medikits. Also the shotgunner and the chaingunner in the switch room were stuck into each other. I really like it, very cool decoration and atmosphere

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I like the aesthetics of this short map quite a bit!


I found some of the "pop-up" monster encounters to be a bit funny, but they work well, so I don't have much problems with them.


My only criticism would be that I found the secret/secrets to be a bit too obscure for my tastes, but I will say that the pay off for finding them is definitely worth it!


You can see my playthrough here:


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A beautiful map that can be completely solved after a bit of poking around.


Reign in Blood - [4K] - [100% Secrets]



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