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Err, need some help

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Hi there pals, I need some resources for my next projects:

1-I want to make a landing parachute that carries a bag or capsule, and sways in the air while landing, and when it hits the ground, two things may happen, either it crumbles on the ground or it explodes. I want to make landing troops or supplies, that may explode when they hit the ground. Is there such a sprite around, or will you make one for me? eh LWM?

2-Where can I find a whistle sound, like the ones policemen make to warn others.

3-A sprite of soccer ball that rolls.

4-I need the sprites of a person that stands still and looks around (maybe arms akimbo, or supported on waist), runs, stops suddenly to kick (a ball?), jumps in the air to say "Hurray" for instance, waves hand, maybe makes rude gestures, covers from or blocks a blow,... you name it.

Guess why I need these? ;-)

I need just these sprites, and the rest can be done by powerful ACS and dehacked options available in ZDoom, thanx.

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Well, I might be able to find you a whistle sound, I'll look around. The other requests are out of my league. :)

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Just what I wanted, I think I will make it explode myself.

By the way, if you make a higher resolution version please dont forget me! ;)

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