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The Experience

DoomAmp for Source Ports

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Here is just an idea popped up right now:

Would be cool to have an external cross-platform media player,
hooked to the source port itself.
It manages all the sound fx and music, which will result in more
freedom for the user. Here some examples for this freedom...

o Can replace the inner WAD music with some own MP3s, WAVs, MIDs, CD's

o Can replace the sound fx with some of better quality

o If used standalone, it can play MIDI from WADs

o It can also play MP3s, WAVs, MIDs, CD's

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Why would you want some external sound player for Doom? That makes no sense.

BTW ZDoom supports all those things.

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The Experience said:

Does not work for that purpose.

You can use Winamp playlists in Zdoom, apparently. Yeh I know, that's not all source ports...

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OK, Enjay. That is the point: "Yeh I know, that's not all source ports..."

But, that doesn't matter anymore :) I just quick-coded a DoomAmp
plug-in for KDX. So everytime you play Doom you get shuffled music
from a given playlist in infinite loop now. That was what I wanted,
except it is not controlled by the source port itself. But with this
solution it works for ALL ports :)

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