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Naked Snake

The shores of hell (with ICD-DDF weapons)

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The sudden rush from the gate from Phobos made you a little dizzy.At least you were not insane.Not yet anyway.You,Corporal Ryan Storms,stuck on a martian moon with bloodthirsty hellspawn waiting to rip out your internal organs.You lost all of your weapons from the immense battle,well all except your Colt .45 standard issue.You look down the hallway and see it.A fresh riot shotgun!You creep forth slowly and step out into the open.Suddenly from the darkness comes a hellish grunt followed by a pistol shot.Its a zombie.Its red eyes looking at you with intent to kill,its cold dead hands still clutching a matching Colt .45 pistol.You roll and stop right near the shotgun.A Mossberg,good shotgun,you think as you scoop it up and blast.Blood sprays and the shell falls along with the body.You walk over and snatch the other Colt.You holster it and walk forth.A large cross looms to the ceiling.You feel a sudden heat and rember your briefing.When someone goes throught the gate its S.O.P (standard operating procedure) to step through the heat intensifier to kill germs.You hop around the corner pointing your shotgun.Nothing but a medical kit,some clips and a blue key.You creep forth carefully not knowing if this is a trap.You grab the clips and put them in your belt along with the card key.You hop throught the window and land with a thud.A horrendous howl followed by grunts fills the air.A contingent of 7 zombies and one of the spiked creatures walk forth.Two zombies carry M-16a1's and three have Infantry Rifle's and 2 have Sawed off shotguns wood trim style.You open fire with your shotgun,killing one zombie and injuring the spiked monster.The spiked thing launches its deadly fireball at you and It almost hits you.You blast again and blow its head off sending mushy gray brain goo and blood flying,finding their place on the wall.The other zombies open fire forcing you to duck behind the corner.When they stop you rush out with your dual Colt's like Commando Kelly (famous war hero) and blast the remaining zombies.
You collect their ammo and take a sawed off shotgun,M-16a1 and the Infanatry Rifle with you.You take one step onto the bridge and it begins to decend.You jump forward and land on the other side.You see a switch.You pull out your M-16a1 and prepare for anything.You push the switch and a platform with two switches apears.Above each switch is a label."Switch A:Armory" and "Switch B:Storage Cubby".You press switch A first.You need more weapons.You hear a hydraulic whine behind you.Looking into the window of the key card room you see a teleporter there.Running to the teleporter in the next room you are whooshed to the first room you were in.Running once again through the cross you see the teleporter.You walk up to it and pull a grenade out of the M-16a1.You pull the pin and toss it into the teleporter.After 10 seconds you walk through.Another head rush and you scan the room.Its too dark so you reach up and flip on the night vision mode on you visor.A wounded pink demon is behind a pillar.You switch to thermal mode (I know thats not in ICD but if you dont like it fuck you.J/K.)and see the room based on heat.The demon has a leg wound from the shrapnel.Deep.It wont move.You walk behind around a pillar and the demon begins growling at you viciously.You point your Colt at it without even looking and shoot off 6 rounds until it stops.You look around and find nothing but a few empty boxes of shells and bullets.You find a few scattered rifle bullets.You put them in your Infanatry Rifle.You also find another rifle but its damaged.You take off the bayonet and slide it on yours.There is no ammo in it.
You leave the armory dissapointed.Looks like the boys were not caught off guard.You hop again through the window and approach switch two.You flip it up and a whir sounds next to you.You see two walls grinding up.You causually walk over and look inside.There is a shotgun upgrade kit (once again its my story things are not as they should be) and a red key card.You read the directions of the upgrade kit and then proceed to follow them.You new shotgun feels a little lighter and you test fire it.Less kick,more power and no cocking it.You put the keycard in you pocket and aproach the next teleporter.WHOOSH to the other side and another head rush.Fucking things you think.You see a high raised platform.How am I going to get up there you wonder.
You find the answer in a small cubby.You press the switch and the platform rolls down.You trie pressing the other switch but it does not respond.It was broken.The platform hid two zombies with Mossbergs and another spiker.You blow them away swiftly with your mod shotgun.You see the red door but its in the middle of lava.You figure the broken switch must have been the controls for the bridge.Oh well you think as you creep to the blue door.On the other side is another god damn teleport pad.You toss the remaning grenade through and wait.Finally you jump through and see a dead pink monster.Suddenly a scream fills the air and a demon skull apears,flying towards you like a kamakazie on a death mission.You raise your shotgun and blast it until it bursts.Flames and skull fragments scatter.You walk forth and see a switch.Pressing it some steps raise in another cubby.You walk up and see and press another switch.A grinding noise starts behind you.You hurry down the stairs and see the colum lower to reveal another teleporter.When you get back you Earth you are gonna kick the shit out of who ever discovered teleportation.You jump through,no head rush this time.The wall in front of you lowers and you see the exit door.You open it and a spikey is on the other side.It caught you off guard and scratched you,cutting you arm lightly.You blast it with your shotgun and knock its intestines out its back and it collapses to the ground with a thud.You step over the corpse and press the switch.Where will this room cart take you?Hopefully to salvation.

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