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(Third Map) Entry Base

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Hey there Doomworld, Poxel here!

Well, Time sure does fly, right?

Anyway, Welcome to my third map called "Entry Base"

I decided to make a map since i haven't made one in 5 months.

Hope you have fun!


IWAD: Doom 2

Tested on: GZDoom and PrBoom+

Play with GZDoom or PrBoom+ on -complevel 2

Music used:
Main Menu - Dave From MIDI Dreams by Dial-Up For Murder

Map Music - Trouble in Sight by Bloo from The Ultimate MIDI Pack

Intermission Screen - How'd I Do? From Rise of the triad




Download: Entry Base.zip

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The theme reminds me of TNT's first episode and the map looks good but generic with the gray techbase textures, most of the monster encounters are one enemy in front of the player which is something I dislike, there are also no secrets but that's okay. The best fight is the large room with Imps, Cacodemons and Arachnos.

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I like it. Simple, classic. A little bit low on the ammo department. 
I loved the little details on the doors with the black frame for the floor.

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A little bit too "corridory" in places, but otherwise a nice fairly short map.

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I downloaded your map and recorded my first run through it. I liked it a lot. It looks very nice and was a good map. For a third map it is impressive.


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Doom 2 [Entry Base.wad] - MAP01 [Entry Base] - UVMax Speedrun Smooth Mod



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