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Oily, a single map made by FAI

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Hi Fai here

this is Oily, a single map made with Otex, why i call it oily? idk, i think the TAR Flat in Otex looks like oil, and that's why.



Map Format: Boom
Ports Tested: PrBoom+ (Complevel 9), Eterity Engine, GZDoom, ZDoom
IWAD: Doom 2
Maps: 1 map
Music: "Ring" by FAI(aka myself)
Gameplay: Single play
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Multiplayer Placement: No
Build Time: 7/24/22 to 7/31/22
Textures: Otex 1.1 by Ola Björling
Requirements: NO Jumping/Crouching, Freelook is fine tho






Otex 1.1: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/graphics/otex_1_1





Next Project: I have no idea what i should do

Last Project: WAD.wad, 8 maps: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/130390-wadwad-a-new-8-map-wad-made-by-fai/

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Not too shabby, Fai! I'm not the best judge (or player for that matter) when it comes to Slaughter, but this was pretty decent stuff and I had a good time with it.



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I've recorded a demo for this. I spliced it right before the fight where you get a rocket launcher. It took me a couple of deaths to realize you didn't have to lower everything right away. Recorded with dsda-doom v0.24.3



Your arenas have definitely improved from your last set of maps. The monsters are now capable of surrounding the player. Hitscanners and archviles complicate the fights in an enjoyable way. A way you can make the fights even more complex is height differences. The map looks good, there are a variety of themes. OTEX suits maps with a grand scale.
I got a little lost after the BFG fight. The end of the hallway could use a blinking light or some texture that contrasts from the surrounding greys. The teleporter in the last fight is easy to walk into, for monsters and the player. Maybe a button could be pressed to lower it after the fight is over.


I'm excited to see future maps from you.

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Cool map. I like the large scale grand architecture, and nice use of OTEX. Some of the combat is a bit easy to cheese since the arenas are large so you can often just hang back and let everything in-fight, or just run past everything and come back when you have better weapons. There's also a couple of places where you can skip past fights by staying pacifist.


Here's a play-through showing some probably unintended strategies. I went secret hunting at the end, but only managed to find 5/6 myself. I had to check the editor to find where the final secret was (I really wanted all kills).



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This was pretty cool! Sorry if I seemed to rush this a little, that's just how I play these sorts of maps. I did have to rewind a little in the square chaingunner trap with Revenants on the ledges surrounding (just before you get the blue key). Many people will tell you to lock the player in, but it made my job a little bit easier.:) Demo recorded DSDA Doom on complevel 9




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1 hour ago, ryiron said:

 just run past everything and come back when you have better weapons. There's also a couple of places where you can skip past fights by staying pacifist.

yeah im still trying to learn how to sort of make player stick to an arena, it's something i found difficult to achieve in Boom format, because in Boom you don't have some sort of function that detect how many monster let and open a sector some sort, in UDMF or Doom in Hexen you can do that by using some ACS magic. I did try use Voodoo doll timer on the final fight, but you can't really got the exact time when most of player would finish fighting.

in any case, i would figure this problem out as i continue mapping


EDIT: ok i watch your vid a bit and i see the problem now, i didn't expect people will like not shoot, and  the teleporting monster trap require player shoot and make sound, well, i guess this is useful for ppl speedrunning my map (if anyone would)

Edited by fai1025

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18 minutes ago, fai1025 said:

yeah im still trying to learn how to sort of make player stick to an arena, it's something i found difficult to achieve in Boom format


There's a few solutions to this problem for boom format maps:

  • Placing blocking monsters at the exit to a room. E.g a cyber with blocking lines in 128 wide doorway will prevent the player immediately running out.
  • Require the player to press multiple switches to open the exit to a room. The switches can be made difficult to reach safely without eliminating some/all of the monsters in an encounter.
  • Timed lock in. This can be done by using a voodoo doll to raise bars when a switch is pressed to start a fight, and then trigger the bars to lower some time later. The downside to this approach is that, like you say, it can be difficult to determine the right amount of time, since some players will be faster/slower than others. Sometimes just a short 5-10 second lock in is enough for a fight to escalate to the point where it's no longer easy to just run out of the room.
  • Have consequences for leaving the room. If you run out of the room and into another horde of demons that you can easily just push through then the player can get pushed back into the encounter they were trying to skip, but now with more monsters to deal with.

For skipping sections by not shooting, you can encourage the player to shoot with shootable switches to progress, or even just placing a single problematic enemy like a chaingunner, pain elemental or archvile in an error where you want the player to shoot.

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