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Giga Bowser

Request for Help - Trying to Run Two Mods at Once

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Hi fam, I've run into a snag while trying to run Tested mod through Perfected Doom 3. A few years back, I managed to do it (with the caveat that a few of the levels just didn't work), but now that I have a new PC, I'm trying again and can't remember how I did it. I also think Tested v8 (which is fairly new) might be messing with PD3 (or vice-versa).

I've tried dropping the Testedv8 .pak file into the Perfected folder (which didn't work), and then tried it in the Perfected_RoE folder (same result). The odd thing is that I can't even get Tested to run normally as a separate mod in the Doom 3 directory; the only way I've gotten it to work is to drop the .pak file directly into the d3xp folder. That probably doesn't help with getting it to play nice with PD3, either.

In all 3 scenarios, I got a bunch of errors, generally ending in "unknown command 'vid_restart'." I'm kinda at a loss, and maybe there's no way to make it work. On moddb, the creator of Tested mentioned that the 7.02 patch for PD3 messed with the compatibility of the two, and there was supposed to be a script file or something that would resolve the issue. But that file seems to be gone, so I tried running Tested in conjunction with version 7.0 of PD3 (RoE version). Same result.

Any thoughts/solutions?

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I figured it out! In case anyone comes a-googling in the future, here's what I did. I put the file zTestedv8_pak800.pk4 into the "base" folder in the Doom 3 directory (where all the other .pk4 files already are). Then, I booted up Perfected RoE as normal through the Perfected batch file. Once there, pull down the console with Ctrl-Alt-~ and type "map hangar" (without the quotes, obviously). "map tested" won't work and will return a bunch of errors. And that's it! Happy playing!


If I remember correctly, there will be a few maps that simply will not load because they are incompatible with PD3. When you get to those, just skip them by typing the next map's name into the console. You can always play the incompatible maps through normal RoE if you haven't played them yet or want to play them again.

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