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Your favourite sound in Doom

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Doom has a collection of sounds we've all come to love (or despise). I'd like to start a conversation regarding your personal fav sounds.


Here's mine:

-Item pickup sound (The Beep).

-Chainsaw idle sound, like a purring cat.

-Weapon pickup sound.

-SSG reload sound.

-Rocket Launcher firing sound.

-Demon death sound. Reminds me of bacon.

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5 minutes ago, DannyMan said:

The pistol firing sound from the PSX version.

Yes, I remember hearing the very same sound from those old Flash animations.

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12 minutes ago, Arrowhead said:

I've always liked the 'door-closing' sound, or the 'elevator-rising sound'.

Speaking of which, do you remember the old versions, where the "fast door opening sound plays twice" bug was present? For a long time I thought that's how it was meant to be.

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Regarding the topic, YT user decino has a video covering up the majority of Doom sound effects origins, which are mostly from stock sound libraries. I love these sounds, as they were present in various other games of the time. Anyway, here's the link:


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The cyberdemon death sound is so satisfying as I know I have made it.

I also like how the sounds build together into a rich atmosphere like a rocket into a sea of imps, some gib, some just die some are pained and others are hunting.

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Counter-intuitively, I'd say it's actually the Arch-Vile SIGHT sound for me - nothing else in Doom gets more of an instant visceral reaction out of me than that.

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The PSX Powerup sound:




Video should play right at correct point.


EDIT: Close enough

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Arachnotron death sound. The brain getting blown up and shutting down.

Baron death sound. Its distinctive cry of pain.

Revenent death sound. CRUNCHY

Mancubus death sound. Its head getting split open and its body starts melting.

And the glorious Super Shotgun blast!


Hell I love all the sounds!



Edited by ASON-Z-

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I love the player death sound because I pretty much live in zandronum.

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