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Can someone upload my wad for me?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place . . . sorry if it isn't . . .

Anyway, can someone upload a couple of files for me? I've been tryin' fer a while and simply cannot figure it out. E-mail at grimmssac@yahoo.com if you're interested. Thanks.

Or, alternatively, I suppose someone could provide me with instructions on how to connect to the FTP server thingie with LeechFTP. Either way, thanks.

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Scientist answered similar question in the 'Questions section' about a month ago. He spoke:

You can upload your stuff to the archives. If you do this your stuff will also be reviewed in "newstuff".

How to upload to the archives?
Goto DOS and type the following lines:

ftp archives.3dgamers.com
password:(put email here)
cd pub
cd idgames
cd incoming
put (exe or zip file)
put (text file)

This should help you, but you could find more help at the FAQ.

Alternatively you could get your own homepage and upload it there...

Good luck

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I'm pretty sure I'm usin' a proxy (my ISP is AOL) so it says I have to get someone to upload fer me . . .

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You could try and sent your stuff to the guy that runs the archives. I believe this is "Ty Halderman" [thldrmn@teamtnt.com]. He'd also probably know how to fix your problem as well.

If all else fails I guess you could sent the stuff to me, and I'll try and upload them.

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Thre is a program you can use to upload your stuff. It's called FTP Explorer. That's the program I used to uplaoad my first DM map. Unfortunatley, I don't remember the link to that site.

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