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I'm having some trouble with the Eternity engine

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I downloaded version 4.02 of the Eternity engine and I can't seem to make it fullscreen. I went into video settings and marked "favorite screen mode" as exclusive fullscreen, but it isn't working. After looking around in the settings menu, I realized none of my changes to video settings were actually working. Does anyone know how to fix this?


nevermind, I fixed it

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Eternity's resolution settings are a little idiosyncratic. I don't understand them fully. When I set a new resolution/fullscreen setting, I first select my favorite aspect ratio and my favorite screen mode. I then use "Choose a Mode" and "Choose a Resolution" to select a video mode and a renderer resolution, using the same numerical resolution for both. This usually produces the desired result. You need to adjust both the video mode and the renderer resolution to "change your resolution," in my experience.


But it sounds like you're having a bigger problem, where absolutely none of your video settings change anything about what's displayed on your screen. Had anything changed when you restarted the program? What display number is the program set to? Have you tried reinstalling the program?

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