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Closing my thread

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Well you closed my thread, thanks m8.

I have the original boxed DOOM edition from 1993 together with receipt.

I dont want a "new" copy of the "Latest" version. I want my original set intact because it has "value" to me. I like to collect these things.

When I bought Doom and decided to keep it I thought that it would someday be worth keeping.

Well, never mind, even though I can prove I have it legally you guys wont help. Ok. Ill go ask Id. They might be more helpful.

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Read the forum rules, Bangerman. It's not allowed to ask for (parts of) the registered version of any game here, period. In fact, it's the surest way to get yourself banned. Since you claim to have a receipt you can take this up with id Software instead, as they have honored such requests before.

This thread is closed. If you continue to make new threads about this we have no choice but to ban you!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.