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I'm sure this question has probably been asked before but here goes:
I want to place a raining sound into the wad I'm working on (Bloodworks) but I'm not sure what would be a good lump to replace.
Since the level is not port specific I can't use, say, the ambience sounds in zdoom. I need to replace a normal sound in Doom2. I also need to make it constant. Any ideas?

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You might be able to have a hidden continually-moving ceiling and replace its sound, I think it's a fairly short sound sample played repeatedly which makes a machine-like noise. Maybe a few of such sectors...could be hidden within a wall here and there.

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DSSTNMOV should be the one. I see it's quite a short sound sample, you may have some challenges getting it to sound smooth enough as it repeats.

I see it's about 0.26 seconds in length, don't know what happens when you replace it with a longer sound. The repetition rate probably is set in the .exe?

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