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My doom map has an error

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Hi everyone


I making a map that look like a Blood map. I added some new monsters and lamps. Unfortunatly there is an error when I try to test my map.

The error:

Script error, "BLOODMAP.wad:DECORATE" line 8:DoomEdNum must be in the range [-1,32767]

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 The script error seems to be pointing you to exactly what and where the problem is. What steps have you taken to try to fix it so far?

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2 hours ago, DoomAttila said:

I just checked the Decorations

I’m going to assume this means you don’t know what DECORATE is.


Decorate is the tool that modders use to define new things in doom, be that monsters or weapons or decorations. I tend to use slade to edit decorate files. 

This error is coming from an error in your decorate lump in your wad, which means the game won’t run. I assume this is coming from one of the new monsters or decorations you’ve added. From the look of the error, it looks like one of the monsters or decorations is using a DoomEdNum, also known as spawnID, that is too large or too negative to be accepted by GZDoom. If you change that to a different number that is within range, the error should be fixed, and you should also be able to use that number to place your enemy or decoration in whatever map editor you’re using.

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