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New Sounds

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Is there any way to make new sounds, i.e., not just replace them, in regular Doom? In source ports?

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Source ports. Some probably - Zdoom definitely. Zdoom allows you to add loads of sounds. Not sure if there is a limit - if there is, I haven't reached it yet - with many, many added sounds.

You can set them as ambient sounds to enhance the uhhh ambience of a level, or use them to replace monster/weapon sounds. eg you can make the pistol and chaingun use different firing sounds, or give the cacodemon a close up attack sound, or have a machine that hisses steam or have a wind sound blowing all over the level, or, or, or... You can also add sounds to moving sectors using sound sequences (to give different doors different sounds for example) or you can give different switches different sounds, or make floors make a sound when you drop onto them (not true footsteps - only when you actually drop onto them, not when simply walking on them).

The ambient sounds are defined using Zdoom's SNDINFO lump and sound sequences are defined in a SNDSEQ lump. Although the editing pages over at Zdoom are not up to date, they cover the basics of what you would need to know about those lumps.

More recently, it has been made possible to define new sounds in SNDINFO and then use a dehacked patch to allocate them to monsters or items without having to replace original doom sounds. you won't find that in the editing docs.

Giving switches a sound is done via SNDINFO and ANIMDEFS and floor sounds are done via the SNDINFO and TERRAIN lumps. Again, there is no documentation for that yet.

There are quite a few other tricks you can do with Zdoom sounds, but unless you want to get into the specifics of the port, I'll leave it at that.

If you do want specifics, then you could ask here or at the Zdoom editing forum.


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