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Castle of Lunacy 2 [RC2]

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Hey! I've sworn I'm finished with this and did actually get it to the Doomworld ftp, but at some point I had some more ideas and went at it again. So if you haven't played this one yet (or are really interested) give it a go.


Map type: corridor shooter I guess, bit of puzzle/exploration, no monster hordes

Estimated play time: 45 minutes

Monsters: 289

Secrets: 15

Difficulty: actually I think all audiences should be fine with this, just choose the difficulty level appropriately

Port required (tested on): Zandronum/GZ doom (don't run away yet, the map is very vanilla style, only needed modern format for 2 scripts)

Download: https://wadhosting.com/Wad/32047A19F20D3C7B4D9EABFFC9BD79D484C67484


Every little bit of feedback welcome! (videos/demos appreciated)


Here's some screenshots (only from updated areas):








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