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(GZDOOM) is there any way to remove resurrected enemies from the kill count?


I asked about this last year along with some other kill count questions but I came up empty handed with archviles.


Is there any way to exempt entities that were revived by the archvile (or any custom thing with a resurrect function) from GZDoom's kill count, or is it hard baked into the engine's code? 


If it is possible, please disclose whether or not GZDoom.pk3 is involved and the lump type needed to implement the feature.


I'm sad the GZDoom team never implemented this feature as an option, but respect the decision regardless. 

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On 8/15/2022 at 4:30 PM, jaeden said:

I think it would be in theory possible to have an ZScript event handler, handling WorldThingRevived event, where it would call ClearCounters on the revived monster.

I have a theory, though I'm not very good with zscript so if you can then I'd like you to try this as well.

perhaps during the raise state, we can put in a function that calls ClearCounters and add it to every revivable monster? I'm gonna goof around with this and see how it goes, if you can then get back to me with your result

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