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Plutonia experiment the way you remember it

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Just starting this topic to see if this is something that is being planned. I’m so mad I missed out on the TNT remake and don’t wanna miss my chance if Plutonia is going to become a thing. 

would love to see if this comes to life!

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do your mean "the way you remember it" by something like recreating maps in memories or Doom the way id did kind of stuff

i love to see someone do one or both of them

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Recreate the maps for memory.

Since the TNT project is closer to a end (i think), my guess is that @Engired will make a Plutonia one after it, i am right?

Talking about that, i think MAP24 is still missing... Why don't you try doing it?

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It's guaranteed to come after TNT. Just wait a bit after it releases.

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